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CREDEBL – Blockster

A decentralised identity platform for all your credential management needs.

CREDEBL is an industry leading verifiable credential issuance and verification platform.

It is a robust decentralized digital identity platform for building secure and user-centric SSI solutions. A multi-tenant platform with simplified interactions to configure your solution within no time.

With CREDEBL, end to end credential management can be enabled with these benefits

Simplified way to create Schema, Cred def and Verifiable Credentials
Verification of the credentials, leveraging conditional / predicates to minimize the data requirements
Enterprise grade scalability
API based integration with other IT systems

Key Highlights

  • Open Standards, Open SourceExtensively built upon open standards such as W3C (DID, VC), DIF and ToIP, and Hyperledger Indy & Aries open source projects.
  • Built for ScalabilityStarting from Proof-of-concepts to scaling up for Enterprise needs, CREDBL is developed for high scalability requirements.
  • Tested for Market ScenariosCREDEBL is continuously enhancing it’s capabilities across several industry verticals and value-delivering projects in Healthcare, Financial Services, Education, Governments, and others.
  • Privacy by DesignCREDEBL adheres to the core principles of data privacy such as Privacy by Design and Sovereignty of data.

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  • Ease of credential issuance, verification and revocation
  • Enable interoperability with use of open standard
  • Enhanced privacy by design with zero knowledge proof
  • Advance security with cryptography

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