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    Go Paperless: Simplify Your Certificate Issuance Process with CREDEBL and ADEYA

    In a world that constantly evolves, the traditional processes that once served us well often become barriers to efficiency and progress. The same holds true for the age-old system of issuing academic certificates. However, with the use of CREDEBL, the era of cumbersome certificate issuance is coming to an end.

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    Self-Sovereign Identity: How W3C Verifiable Credentials (VC) Work: Part 1 – VC Issuance

    SSI space has moved a long way. The concepts of SSI, Decentralized Identity and verifiable credentials (VC) have been explored by many forward thinkers across the industries.

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    Self-Sovereign Identity: How W3C Verifiable Credentials (VC) work: What goes on the ledger?

    In this journey of understanding verifiable credentials and what goes on the ledger while building a decentralized identity solution, we had a glimpse