One Wallet for all your identity needs

Since the beginning of the Information or Digital age spawning across 2-3 decades, each individual has been creating many digital profiles of themselves for using online services. Whether one is buying their favorite shoe, presenting a driving license or opening a bank account digitally, they do not have control over their data presented to the service provider.

ADEYA is a state of art SSI based mobile wallet app, which stores user credentials securely using advanced cryptography. It is built using standards defined as per Hyperledger ARIES framework.

Digital credentials
You can get rid of all your paper credentials to have all your credentials into an identity wallet in your smartphone
Selective disclosure
You reduce the data sharing to the minimum required by the service provider using zero knowledge proof
Secured and P2P communication
You can communicate with peers and organizations, with a secured 1:1 communication channel

Key Highlights

  • User centricity Designed with data privacy and user control in mind to store and share credential
  • Built using Open Standards Extensively leveraged open standards developed by communities /groups such as W3C, DIF and ToIP
  • Premium Features Additional business features can be incorporated into ADEYA if your use case demands it
  • Open Source ADEYA is built on top of Open Source Hyperledger Aries SDKs

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  • User Experience Optimized flows and intuitive design to store, view and share credentials
  • Interoperable Interoperable with Indy wallets and SSI providers / platforms that follow open standards
  • Backup and restore Regularly backup data on your preferred storage media and restore as needed
  • Protection Users right over their data is protected with advanced cryptography
  • Technologies Developed using React Native and Flutter (SDK)
  • OS Available on Android and iOS operating system

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