Building Self-Sovereign Identity Ecosystem

Blockster Labs is leading the vision to enable Self-Sovereign Identity for everyone and offers one of the most promising and industry-leading product suite that cater to the Decentralized Identity ecosystem.
We are enhancing the missing Identity Layer of Web3 ecosystem.




A decentralized digital identity platform to meet all of your credential management requirements.

It is a strong decentralized digital identity platform for creating user-focused and safe SSI solutions. an easy-to-use multi-tenant platform for quickly configuring your solution. A multi-tenant platform with simplified interactions to configure your solution within no time.


Your one-stop solution for all your digital identity wallet needs.

ADEYA is a self-sovereign identity wallet, which stores user credentials securely using advanced cryptography. It is built using standards defined by the Hyperledger Aries framework.

Why Us?

Blockster Labs leverages a unique combination of deep domain experience, rich technical expertise and lean methodology to develop innovative products and solutions. We are also active contributors and participants in several industry forums to continuously uplift our offerings and create differentiating propositions for our clients.

Expedite Go to market-Jump

Start in the world of decentralized identity and verifiable credentials. Leverage our platform and benefit by being first mover in adapting this cutting edge tech.

Standard Driven

Developed using open standards from W3C, DIF and other communities to enable standardisation. This helps you remain competitive and interoperable across the industries.

Open Source Contributors

Active contributor to several key components to the open source communities for wider adoption.

Proven Track

Several success stories of having delivered solutions in the space of SSI and blockchain.