Demo: Re-imagine credentials verification integrated with IoT

Blockster lab has developed an innovative identity solution that will enable credential verifications and touch-less access using IOT devices. It facilitates better user experience and user-control over their data, with simplified credentials verification for businesses across industries.

Easy, User Centric Ecosystem

Credential management is a seemingly easy yet time-consuming process for those involved in the technology industry. Furthermore, as privacy laws and other protection mandates become more prevalent, businesses must demonstrate their ability to verify credentials and identities in the digital world.

A strong credential management solution should enable authorities to issue, verify and revoke credentials as business processes and policies evolve.

We’re excited to present the new use case using CREDEBL from Blockster Labs, a secured, multi-tenant, tamper-resistant platform that brings a high level of assurance and controls to credential management ecosystem.

Use-case and demo details
  • How an organization can become ‘Verifiable credential (VC) as a Service’ provider and offer service to convert existing credentials into a VC e.g. National id (such as Aadhaar) as a VC
  • How dependent credentials can be issued e.g. COVID Vaccination certificate should be issued post verification of national id
  • How more than one VCs can be combined automatically and presented for verification by users identity wallet
  • How an IoT device, loaded with Hyperledger Aries agent, could instantly verify VC and either grant access or deny access


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